Patchwork Visions
Membership Terms and Conditions

Patchwork Visions is a member based film production group in San Diego. Members must agree to the following terms and conditions. This will insure that every member shall be treated fairly and that everyone participates and contribute towards the interest of the group and not of any single individual.


1. A member shall do his/her best to participate in and contribute to Patchwork Visions projects.​

2. The group shall always welcome new individuals. In order to achieve membership, new individuals must be sponsored by at least one of the current members. The sponsor can invite the individual to group meetings. After attending three group meetings, the group may invite the individual to become a member.

3. Members who are absent from three consecutive meetings without communication to the meeting organizer shall have their membership revoked. This is to insure that all members are participating and contributing fairly.

4. The membership and benefits cannot be used by anyone apart from the individual members.

5. Members have the right to inspect or correct their own personal information on the page of the Patchwork Visions website. Member shall request the change of information to the website administrator and the website administrator will implement the change. Personal information such as the member's bio shall be limited to information that relates to work or activities he/she is known to have performed and related to the objectives and directions of Patchwork Visions. This is not a site to self-advertise.

6. Upon becoming a member, an annual membership fee of $30.00 is due and payable to the group's treasurer. This fee is non-refundable in the event the member decides to terminate his/her membership.

Membership is voluntary and Patchwork Visions requires commitment. A member can, at any time, terminate his/her membership with Patchwork Visions. Similarly, Patchwork Visions can, at any time, terminate their relationship with any member without notice or reason.

7. Membership is not an employment agreement nor is meant to suggest employment with Patchwork Visions.

8. Each project engaged by Patchwork Visions will have additional terms and conditions that are specific to the applicability of said project. “Project” is defined as any agreed work and/or task the group decides to undertake (i.e. the creation of short and feature films).